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Do you ever feel like you’re constantly taking two steps forward and three steps back?

Like you’ve failed at realizing your potential and are longing to become a Stronger version of U?

Perhaps you feel ready to live that life you’ve been dreaming of. One that’s filled with fitness, faith, passion, purpose and joy, yet it feels like no matter what you do, it’s just out of your reach?

If this sounds like you or someone you know, you’re not alone.


I’m Sean Foy, “America’s Personal Wellbeing Coach”, Founder of Stronger U Academy and New York Times Best Selling Co-Author of The Daniel Plan.



I’m here to tell you that you can reach your dreams and goals. Scratch that. You WILL reach your dreams and goals with Stronger U Academy.

I’ve put together a team of Expert Personal Development and Transformational Specialists with the mission to help you remove limiting beliefs and empower you to #StepIntoYourAwesome!

With over 25 years of research, development and training with elite Universities, Organizations, athletes and individuals, STRONGER U Academy is your destination to realizing your optimal potential and the life you’ve always wanted!

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Here’s to a Stronger Day, a Stronger Life and A Stronger U! 

Coach Sean